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Daily Immersion

Imagine waking each morning to the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling in the cool morning breeze.

You rise to join your tribe in the temple space to connect with your soul, to nourish your body with invigorating movement, and to enter into clear, serene presence.


With a clear mind and hungry belly, you walk into the dining area to find a spread of deliciously revitalizing foods all harvested from on site or local farms.

Throughout the day, you flow between orientation and exploration. At times, you will join the group to gather for a guided experience. In other moments, you will be free to tune into your authentic yes and go wherever your intuition takes you. 


If you desire quiet time for contemplation and integration, you can wander throughout the 500 acres of sacred mountain land.

If you wish to socialize, go find that person you’ve been curious to connect with and ask if they’d like to sip some tea or go for a walk.

As much as we have to offer by way of classes and guided journeys, the times when the structure fades away and you’re left to tune into what you need most, can be the most precious moments.

AND, this is not just a leisure vacation to relax and sip yummy drinks. 

This immersion will most definitely ask you to lean into your edges and expand the borders of your comfort zone.

We will come together in circle to feel the pulse of the group and open space for brave ones to be seen and honored in their process.
We will travel on guided journeys with breath, movement, and sound to discover new heights and new depths.

We will morph as a group into pairs and small groups to meet each other more fully and deeply.

The experiences offered during this immersion
are designed to facilitate expansion - physical, emotional, and spiritual expansion.

To move and dance with greater freedom and ecstasy.
To land in and anchor new depths of presence.
Day by day, this immersion will work you - enhancing your capacity to connect with yourself, others, and the world around you.

Whatever it is that guides you to join this immersion - dance, relating, yoga, adventure, healing - the presence of community will support and nurture your growth.
This is the power of an immersive community container - to serve as an acceleration chamber for consciousness to evolve and love to flourish.
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