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Blue Skies

This could be one of those events that will change your life.

What would it feel like to be surrounded by bubbling community, expansive nature, and celebrating your life through dance, expression and freedom?

Well we have the ticket for you!!

This May 12th-14th, join Dance Medicine Philly for a 3-day intentional gathering at Rescica Falls camp in the Pocono mountains for our third annual Dance Medicine Philly CAMPOUT!

For three days we will immerse ourselves with ecstatic dance, community building, fire spinning, delicious food, heart-opening elixirs, bonfires, epic workshops and, of course, magic. We will be bringing in some amazing deejays, workshop facilitators and musicians who will help curate this experience. But it’s the community that makes our event special. Drawing from our weekly ecstatic dances in Philadelphia, but welcoming people from all over including anybody who is new to ecstatic dance or this community, we aim to create an inclusive event with activities that foster connections. The campout is an immersive experience that encourages you to discover something new about yourself and about how you interact with the world.

The sweet spring air will be bursting with the excitement of new life and in May we will be feeling the warm sun on our skin. After winter’s hibernation, we’ve chosen an amazing location at Resica falls with real amazing waterfalls, nature and woods to nurture the full expression of ourselves. There are heated cabins for you to stay in if you choose or pitch a tent and bring a hammock to relax in.

A short two hour drive north of Philadelphia and west of New York City, we can feel safe to be ourselves and surrounded by nature’s nurturing. We invite you to celebrate together and grow in community together. This location offers nature trails, large indoor spaces, bonfire locations and expansive shaded and sunny outdoor spaces for us to dance to our hearts content.

There will also be an abundance of workshops throughout the weekend with some amazing teachers and topics including contact beyond contact, acro yoga, authentic relating, flow arts & so much more.

Dark Ocean


These are the confirmed artists for our camp out, this lineup is not final

Artists are currently listed alphabetically

Click each artist for more information


:: All Tickets Include ::

Sleeping Accommodations:

1. You can pitch a tent in the spot that attracts you the most. There will be both shaded and sunny locations.

2. You may also bring a Camper Van or RV to sleep in. There is a nice area for you to congregate with other RVers.

3. Heated cabins (Extra)! If camping isn’t your thing, Resica falls has several heated cabins where you can sleep in for an extra cost. These will be shared dormitory spaces, but if you want to form a group of friends to stay with please coordinate with us. There will be female only, male only or mixed sex dormitories. Please reserve asap because there are a limited number of beds.


Live DJ’s & Music:

Artists to be announced soon! We have some world renowned, think probably already on your Spotify playlist deejays coming… and some of our local favorites from Philly and surrounding region.


Exploration spaces:

At any moment the campout will have multiple areas for you to experience. In addition to the main ecstatic dance area, there will be a healing tea space if you feel the need to chillax, we will have a sound immersion and bathing area, we will have a more down tempo area where you can play contact improv or just hang out.



Throughout each day there will be a range of workshops for you to explore, expand & enliven your soul. These will be 90 minutes, in topics ranging from social dance to authentic relating, to plant walks to breath work. All these topics and expertise comes right from our community. If you have an idea for something you’d like to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. There are limited spaces for workshops but especially if you contact us early and it diversifies what is offered we are more than happy to include your offering.


Do you want some delicious vegan//vegetarian food all weekend? There is an amazing option to purchase a 1-5 meals from our favorite caterer. Be sure to evaluate this option when you purchase your ticket!

We will also have food vendors on site with healthy, hearty meals, vibing elixirs and superfoods.

Children (UpdAtEd):

-We welcome children to the Dance Medicine Campout. We will have a volunteers

-Children 15 years old and younger receive free entry! You just need to purchase a meal plan for them if you plan on feeding them!



We are hosting an alcohol and substance free event. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience the mystical effects of dance and genuine human connection with a clear mind and body. We also request that phones and cameras stay off the dance floor, as this is our sacred space. In this sober, connected and playful environment, it is more than a party.

The Dance Medicine Campout is an opportunity to experience community in its aspirational form, where everyone is celebrated and supported as the unique beings that they are.


Ticket prices:

  • Full ticket blind faith $122 - (sold out)

  • Full ticket early bird $144 - (till March 14th)

  • Full ticket not so early bird (till April 14th) $166

  • Full ticket regular price (till May 6th) $194

  • Full ticket last minute and day of $222

Day passes:

Saturday early bird $77

Saturday regular price $88

Saturday at the door $99

Sunday early bird $55

Sunday regular price $66

Sunday at the door: $77

Meal options:

nutritious vegetation meals by Our professional chef!

Full weekend pass for meals: 5 meals total.

• Brunch Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

• Linner Friday, Saturday

Full weekend pass: $75

One meal: $18

Accommodations Cabins Options:

Tent Camping: Free

Dorm Style Heated Cabins: $55

Arrival and Departure

Early Arrival Thursday Night Arrival: 4:00 PM
Sunday Leave by 4:00PM

Gates Open at 7AM-11PM

Refund Policy:

You are always welcome and encouraged to transfer your ticket to someone else. Please be aware that you are responsible for verifying the legitimacy of the person you are exchanging your ticket with. Dance Medicine Philly is not responsible for spamming, and purchasers should always be careful when purchasing your ticket or selling your ticket to someone else.


***** If it’s not possible to sell your ticket or you want another option here is our refund policy...

- 4 weeks or more before the event, we’ll refund you 50% (until April 10th)

- Between 4 weeks and 1 week before the event, we'll refund you 25% (until May 2nd)

- 1 week before the event there are no refunds but you are still welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else.


.•*º We are so excited to celebrate the beauty and the miracle of this life with you all. This community is sacred, ever evolving, growing, and deepening. What might you discover about yourself during the exploration of this potent weekend, immersed in nature surrounded by the love of the elements & the other souls who have felt the calling to join in the medicine !?

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