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Are Dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed to join the campout this year with the following caveat: We expect dogs to be with their owner at all times. You are also required to clean up any droppings and dispose of it properly. If there is a problem with your pup [organizers have full determination and final say], it is under our discretion to ask the dog to leave at any point during the event.


Are Children welcome and are there children’s programs?

Children are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to join for the whole event and all the activities! This year we will have a children's area which will be monitored for much of the day with volunteers who will organize group activities with the kids to enjoy and connect.

NOTE: This is not an official babysitting service, or guarantee of supervision. YES, there will be activities, and volunteers overseeing this space, AND ultimately, your child is still your responsibility. ‘Dance Medicine Philly,’ staff, and volunteers are not to be held liable for the children attending this event.

Are there Day passes available?

YES we have day passes available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With a day pass you can arrive when the gate opens that day and we will permit you to crash the night so you don’t have to drive home that night after dancing your socks off! We ask that you leave prior to the start of the following day’s programming. Of course, you are welcome to purchase another day pass for the following day if you intend to stay.


Can I purchase tickets at the door?

YES! There will be a slight increase in pricing, so reserving your ticket ahead of time can save you financially, but you will absolutely have the ability to purchase at the door as well. You can pay cash, venmo us @dancemedicinephilly or pay with credit card !


Is there rideshare available?

If you don't have a car, the best way to find a rideshare is to post a message seeking a ride in our facebook community group. Send some DM’s.. we can help you find a way too. Just send us an email and we can help connect you to people coming from Philly and other areas. 


Packing ideas?

Towels, flashlight, warm stuff for the evening, bug spray, glow and flow toys, camera, open heart


Food options onsite?

You can purchase a meal plan up until Tuesday May 7th at 5pm. This will give you 5 meals cooked by our amazing chef in the big kitchen there at the camp. In addition, we will have several food vendors on site who will have lots of food options and non alcoholic drinks. We also encourage you to bring snacks for yourself too. Chocolate is a good option to make friends with other participants.


Are individual campfires permitted?

YES! But you must use the fire pits already in place from the camp. Do NOT create new ones. There are 100’s of acres of woods, so plenty of fuel to get things going and to stay warm in the evenings. We will also have a big main bonfire for everyone to enjoy at night and there will be a few central fires for people to huddle up, and stay warm within the main areas.

What are the gate hours?

Thursday 5pm-11pm 

Friday 7am-11pm

Saturday 7am-11pm

Sunday 7am-11am

Alcohol and Drug policy?

One of the core principles of Ecstatic Dance, and a main element of our intention behind this event, is to activate life force from within, without the need for an external substance.

This is a drug and alcohol free event, and we request that you attend this event sober.

This means, no recreational drugs, psychedelics, opiates, cannabis or alcohol. If a participant is abusing this policy, we reserve the right to ask the guest to leave the event.


What is ecstatic dance?

Ecstatic Dance is a freeform movement journey, held in a sacred container, and facilitated by a professional DJ. It’s a place where we can be our unique selves, and also connected to a common source. This is from where you can find a whole lot of useful information about this movement.

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