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Come as You Are
Move as You Please

Welcome to our thriving and vibrant Ecstatic Dance community!

Northern Lights



What iS "EcStAtic DAncE?"

Ecstatic Dance is a free form dance event. There are no moves to learn, or steps to master. You move your body however you desire without judgement.
Every event begins with a guided warm-up, and then flow into the main event. After we dance it out for some times, we will come down to a meditative sound bath. Many take this time to lie down, or meditate on the soothing sounds. Ground all of that built up energy.


Dance however you desire: There are no moves to learn, or steps to master. move your body how you desire without judgement. Dance solo or with others (with their consent). There is no wrong way to dance here.

No talking on the dance floor: Let go of words, and communicate with your dance. You're free to whoop, yell, growl, or make noises. If you'd like to have a conversation, please leave the dance area.

No cell phones or recording: To help everyone feel safe to dance, move wiggle and wobble into full self expression without judgement, no recording devices are allowed. We encourage you to disconnect and be present, but if you need to use your cellphone, please leave the dance area.

Consent: You are welcome to dance with anyone in any way at any time, so long as they are open to being danced with. However, please respect if anyone does not want to be danced with. Don't take it personally, sometimes people just aren't in the mood to dance with others.

No drugs or alcohol: This is a sober space. Please respect that.

No shoes or socks: Unless foot protection is necessary

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