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We are DMP

Dance Medicine Philly is a non-profit organization devoted to bringing the greater Philadelphia area unique healing experiences through a combination of Movement & Music.

Our primary focus is to create supportive spaces that promote radical self-expression & self-acceptance, while fostering diverse, meaningful connections. 

Our events and programs serve individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities who are interested in exploring and experiencing the transformative powe
r of Movement & Music in a variety of forms.

Our organization also provides a platform for Holistic Arts facilitators to share their expertise and passion with eager participants who are seeking such services. 


We serve as a bridge between the ecstatic dance community and other organizations, venues, and institutions. 

Through our events and collaborations, we aim to expand the reach and utilization of Movement & Music as Medicine, while ultimately contributing to a more connected and compassionate world.


For the first time, we are hosting our first international retreat, and we are so excited to be expanding our offerings and inviting people from all over the world to join us!

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